THE DISNEY CONSERVATION FUND - For more than ten years Disneynature films including Earth, Oceans, The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos, African Cats, Wings of Life, Chimpanzee, Bears, Monkey Kingdom, Born in China, and Penguins (to date)have featured some of the most remarkable stories in nature. These films were (and continue to be) created by very small groups of amazingly talented Disneynature filmmakers who are sent into the most remote areas around the globesometimes multiple days away from civilization, for three to four years at a time, to record inspiring stories and offer insight into incredible characters and regions that most would otherwise never realize exist. The Disneynature teams bring back thousands of hours of footage of their wild and human stars to tell the stories of what theyve witnessed and craft it into a compelling, fun, and engaging adventure. The creation of these films would not be possible without working closely with leading conservationists, scientists, zoologists, and educators. All help ensure the facts and information presented in the films is accurate and reflective of our latest understanding . . . and discoveries. Each film presents an eloquent case for greater understanding of wildlife and the planet we share. The films can also serve a greater purpose, as was the case with Born in China, where audiences in China for the first time saw their wildlife on a grander (yet not embellished) scale and were amazed by the beauty and spectacle of the natural world residing within their nations borders. Many in China now better recognize the need to protect such unique habitats and ecosystems. Film-going audiences have been turned into conservationists just by attending, as a portion of the first-week ticket sale proceeds for these movies has been directed to specific conservation initiatives run by nonprofit organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, the Jane Goodall Institute, Conservation International, the National Park Foundation, African Wildlife Foundation, and Wildlife Conservation Network. Each films contribution can be linked directly to an impressive conservation outcome. The Disneynature movies honor Disneys nature film legacy by transcending it. Like all of Disneys conservation efforts, the underlying philosophyis that promoting a love of and connection to wildlife is the best way to ensure current and future generations seek its preservation.above:Cinematographer filming for Bears.opposite:Disneynature celebrates ten years of wonder, majesty, and magic.