CARRYING FORWARD A CONSERVATION LEGACY - Nature as Part of The Walt Disney Company - Nature has been a recurring focus in Disney experiences from the earliest days of the Disney Studio, which won its first Academy Award in 1932 for the short Flowers and Trees. In the decades that followed, nature themes provided the basis for animated and live- action films, park attractions, such as Jungle Cruise, and even Guest accommodations beginning in 1971, when Disneys Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground opened at the Walt Disney World Resort. And since the 1990 launch of Disneys official corporate policy thats aimed at reducing the companys environmental footprint, and the creation of Disneys Animal Kingdom theme park a few years later, the idea that nature should be both appreciated and protected has become fully integrated into the Disney culture . . . and message.opposite:Poster for Flowers and Trees, 1932.