CARRYING FORWARD A CONSERVATION LEGACY - This book is dedicated to the thousands of Guests who contribute to the Disney Conservation Fund to save animals and protect nature around the world.q The dedicated nonprofit organizations with which we have the honor of working.q The hundreds of Disney Cast Members who work together in so many waysreviewing proposals, raising and monitoring funds, sharing stories that inspire people to make a difference, and expertly caring for animals and our planet each dayto make the fund successful.q The next generation, whose dedication to preserving naturewill transform our world and carry on the legacy of the Disney Conservation Fund and Walt Disney himself.These incredible people share the passion, dedication, andperseverance needed to protect wildlife and wild places andconnect kids with natureensuring that we will leave futuregenerations with a thriving, vibrant planet.opposite:Shanghai Disney Resort Cast Members connect local youth with nature using unique Wishing Star Park guidebooks.