CARRYING FORWARD A CONSERVATION LEGACY - A Place for People and Nature at Wishing Star Park - Conservation is integrated into the very design and care of all the Disney parks and resorts.At the Shanghai Disney Resort, Wishing Star Park was created as a place where Guests could connect with the magic of nature. What was once developed land is now a hundred-acre lake with restored wetlands along the shoreline and a mile and a half of pathways that meander through open woodlands and shrub along the lakes edge. Many of the plant species included in the park were chosen particularly for their benefits to wildlife, including fruiting shrubs and flower gardens to provide food for native birds and butterflies. Even management of the parks vegetation is designed to benefit wildlife by scheduling work around peak breeding times for the parks birdlife. Thanks to these efforts, wildlife has thrived at Wishing Star Park. Bird and butterfly monitoring programs and their participants have spotted over twenty species of butterflies and one hundred species of birds at the park, with new species being discovered every year. Some of the bird species are year-round residents that fill the park with the calls of the next generation each spring, while many others use Wishing Star Park as a safe stopover site to rest and refuel on long migratory journeys to and from breeding grounds. This ever-changing community of wildlifeand the diverse habitats of the parkprovide unique opportunities for Guests to connect with nature in an otherwise highly developed region of the world. Through Guest programming, community outreach efforts, partnerships with nonprofit organizations, and projects supported through the Disney Conservation Fund, Wishing Star Park and the Shanghai Disney Resort are showcasing the wonder and importance of the natural world and what can be done to preserve it.opposite:Guests take part in bird-watching at Shanghai Disney Resort.pages 136137:Solar Array, a 270-acre, 50-megawatt solar facility that opened in 2019, providesrenewable clean energy to Walt Disney World Resort.