THE DISNEY CONSERVATION FUND - Connecting Guests with Nature - We share our earth with creatures that amaze, delight, and sometimes even frighten us. Research shows that children who are exposed to nature are healthier and happier, and it is widely believed that these outdoor experiences help instill conservation values that can last a lifetime. Making that human-animal connection is a powerful force in conservation. Disneys Animals, Science and Environment leads a variety of programs offering Guests at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneys Vero Beach Resort the chance to get up close with animals, see how Disneys dedicated animal team cares for them, and also learn what Disney is doing to protect them in the wild.Aqua ToursAn easy-to-use scuba-assisted snorkel unit keeps Guests afloat and supplied with piped air. Participantshave a remarkable view of over sixty-five species of marine life in the 5.7-million-gallon, man-made saltwater ocean at The Seas with Nemo & Friends in Epcot. For those adventure seekers who are scuba certified, a DiveQuest experience is offered to get an even closer look at these aquatic species.Caring for Giants African cultural representatives share stories about conservation efforts for the elephants in their homeland. The animal specialists that care for the elephants at the park talk about their day-to-day responsibilities, while Guests observe the elephants from as close as eighty to one hundred feet away at Disneys Animal Kingdom.Sea Turtle Night WalkDisneys Vero Beach Resort in Florida is home to many nesting sea turtles. During nesting season,guided walks give Guests an up close look through night-vision goggles at a turtle laying her eggs, andthen watching as she covers the nest and returns to the sea. Sense of AfricaDuring Sense of Africa excursions, Guests set out on a three-and-a-half-hour tour, which includes theart and architecture of Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge, breakfast at Boma, and a private safari vehicletour (including one backstage, where the compassionate Cast Members of the Animal Care team will lead Guests through a series of unique vantage points from which they can view some of the savannas most beloved animals).