CARRYING FORWARD A CONSERVATION LEGACY - Disney's Conservation Commitment - Beyond philanthropic support, Disney is committed to making a conservation impact through the expertise, talent, and dedication of its employees and Cast Members. Disneys Animals, Science and Environment (ASE) works to provide the best in animal care, instill knowledge, and inspire conservation actions among Guests and Cast Members through on-site engagement and experiences, and collaborates globally to share their expertise and promote programs that benefit, preserve, and promote wildlife, people, and the planet. More than 180 Disney Cast Members have led or participated in conservation projects ranging from studying purple martins nesting at Walt Disney World Resort to protecting cotton-top tamarins and their forests in Colombia to restoring coral reefs in the Bahamas to advancing sea turtle conservation right outside Disneys Vero Beach Resort in Florida.In addition, Disney Cast Members help monitor and protect the populations of key species in the Wildlife Management and Conservation Area, a more than eight-thousand-acre protected natural parcel at Walt Disney World Resort. Disney also serves as a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center, with its veterinarians and animal-care experts helping to rescue and rehabilitate hundreds of injured and orphaned animals each year. above:Disney Cast Members created a welcoming habitat for pollinators like butterflies and bees at the solar facility powering the Walt Disney World Resort. opposite:Scientists (like the one on the right) from Disneys Animals, Science and Environment team help educate Guests about sea turtle nesting at Disneys Vero Beach Resort in Florida. pages 126127:Members of Disneys Animals, Science and Environment team lend their expertise as they help to make a difference for wildlife and their habitats around the world.