CARRYING FORWARD A CONSERVATION LEGACY - Saving Monkeys Fundacion Proyecto Tit and Save the Golden Lion Tamarin - Thanks to Disneys amazing long-term support and partnership, we are now protecting, connecting, and creating more forests for cotton-top tamarins, a very tangible benefit for the monkeys and also for the local communities.Rosamira GuillenExecutive Director, Fundacin Proyecto TitThe Disney Conservation Funds support has made it possible for our Brazilian team to implement a long-term, science-based plan that will keep the golden lion tamarins safe from extinction. Lou Ann DietzPresident, Save the Golden Lion Tamarinabove: aplush cotton-top tamarin is being used to educate students who live among this endangered species.opposite:A golden lion tamarin and her baby. pages 110111:A cotton-top tamarin offers its direct gaze.