Safety and Security

The safety and security of our guests and our cast members is of paramount importance to us and is evident in programs throughout Disney.

Parks Safety Programs and Policies

Since Disney began building and operating theme parks in the 1950's, the Company has established hundreds of internal standards for the development and operation of theme park attractions. Our aggressive quality assurance program is designed to enforce both our standards and detailed state regulations for ride systems.

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Disney Interactive Internet Safety Overview

Since the launch of its first internet site in 1995, Disney has been committed to promoting both safe Internet practices for children and parental involvement in kids' online experiences. In addition to championing and participating in numerous public education outreach programs which focus on safety, Disney hosts extensive, original interactive content from trusted brands, and offer a variety of community tools that empower parents to control who their children interact with online.

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Workplace Safety Programs and Training

The Company aims to minimize risks and associated costs by providing quality and professional technical services that foster the safest environment possible for guests, cast members, and property. The Company provides a team of training and development staff that focuses on training employees in the areas of health, safety, and environmental issues. These programs achieve not only compliance with regulatory requirements, but also create a culture that places the highest value on the prevention of injury and illness.

Park Security

Our security teams are dedicated to promoting a safe and secure environment for all of our guests and cast members. More than a thousand cast members are employed in security operations at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts.

Product Safety

The safety of products bearing Disney brands, characters and other intellectual property is of crucial concern to us. Disney requires that licensees and manufacturers comply with all applicable legal and regulatory safety requirements and conduct safety tests by independent, certified third-party testing laboratories or equivalent procedures. Our corporate Product Integrity group, staffed with experienced engineers and safety professionals in Burbank, Orlando, London, and Hong Kong, monitors licensees’ and manufacturers’ verification of their compliance.

Depiction of Smoking in Movies

Disney is concerned about the impact of the depiction of smoking in movies on youth and actively looks for ways to limit the depiction of smoking in movies marketed to youth. For more information, please click here.